Welcome to Contented Pig Inn.


Located in the stunning New England region, NSW, Contented Pig Inn Rescue Sanctuary is a refuge for pigs affected by  mistreatment, abandonment & neglect.

Every pig has a unique history, unique personality and unique needs; Our promise is to provide them with care and compassion for the duration of their natural lives, as we work to rehabilitate and form relationships on their terms.

They have the freedom to root in the soil, lay in the mud & play with their friends, without ever having to face the fear of an abattoir.

Our move in 2021 has provided the refuge with enough land for the animals to thrive and also to grow food; our mission is to provide the best possible life for the pigs in our care and over time, become as self sufficient and sustainable as possible.

At Contented Pig Inn, we follow vegan values and advocate for a kinder world for all animals. The sanctuary is a place of safety for the residents, wildlife & humans alike, it is also a platform for people to learn more about these wonderful animals, who are rarely seen outside of storybooks or farms.


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