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It can take mere moments to rescue an animal from harms way, but to keep them safe is a lifetime commitment.

That's where pig sponsors come in...

Your life changing support secures the cost of their in sanctuary care and ensures they will STAY saved each and every day.

  • Barney

It all starts by dedicating a monthly or weekly donation in their name, which covers their basic daily care costs in out sanctuary.

Recurring supporters like sponsors also help us to foresee our abilities to take on new residents and piggy infrastructure projects which benefit all of the pigs, and the sanctuary as a whole!

We welcome sponsors to come and spend time at the sanctuary in order to visit their pigs, but don't worry if you can't make it...we send quarterly updates on their progress and we are always happy to chat.

Meet some of our sponsorship candidates below, or if you already have a pig in mind simply type their name into the comments box during signup!

  • George 
  • Snuggy
  • BC
  • Matilda
  • Magenta
  • Bora
  • Mouse

George, the gentle giant, was surrendered to us as a piglet, along with his brothers Ludwig & Mr. Tickle (also available to sponsor).

The boys were believed to have started life in an industrial farm, judging by their breed and "docked" tails.

Georges tail may be short, but he wags it none the less, especially when you have something tasty for him to eat; one of his favorite snacks is sultanas.

He wouldn't hurt a fly, but he would love a sponsor to keep him well fed and comfy as he grows old!


Snuggy is a funny boy who likes his own space rather than being in the thick of it with the other pigs. He likes to spend time with his mate Barney (also available to sponsor) and attention from human...Anyone who visits the sanctuary will have gotten to know Snuggy!

Snuggy is one of our special needs pigs; as an ex farm pig his pale skin is prone to cancers which need to be treated on a regular basis.

It is a good thing he looks so handsome in a hat.


BC is a big and loveable boof head!

More than anything, he has an unstoppable love for coffee, and will stop at nothing to snatch your cuppa...which he is not really allowed!

Like many of our BIG pigs, BC was rescued from life on a farm but he has been with us for most of his life and always makes the most of his freedom.


Matilda came to us as a young girl after her rescue from a farm.

As a piglet, she developed a neurological issue which caused her to become very unbalanced. At first we were very concerned for her future, as it was difficult for her to walk without rolling over and ending up in a pickle. Against the odds, one day she picked herself up on all four trotters, found her way and has never let it set her back since.

Four years on, Matilda is very well adapted to her life in the sanctuary although due to her condition she is classed as one of our special needs pigs; Matilda would love a special sponsor to help her stay safe and comfortable as she ages.


Magenta, aka "Magsy", was born at our sanctuary after her parents Bonnie & Clyde were rescued from an abandoned backyard farm where they had been left to starve.

Magenta is a lovely gentle girl with the most beautiful floppy ears which keep her oblivious to most of what is going on. Like everyone in her family, she really loves her food but would prefer if you bring it straight to her rather than competing with the others.


Bora came to live in our sanctuary as a very young piglet; rescued by a tame dingo after her parents were killed by hunters, her story is very unique....That's Bora!

From the moment she arrived in the sanctuary she felt at home, and she has been making the most of it ever since


Mouse started life on a farm and was sold as a pet to a child who was unable to care for her. She arrived at the Inn as a very small and sweet piglet, stealing the limelight with her camera readiness and social nature.

Mouse is considered to be one of our special needs pigs as she remains closely monitored after a diagnosis (and treatment) of brain lesions at just a year of age.

Sponsorship perks!

  • Make a pigs day, every day!
  • Merch perks on special occasions
  • Quarterly piggy updates via email
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • Unlimited sanctuary visits

Sponsorship can be paid on a weekly or monthly basis with an equivalent base rate of $80/month to match the actual cost of a pig in the sanctuary, or add a custom amount to cover extras such as medications.

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