Volunteering at Contented Pig Inn

Want to get more involved?

We are always looking for keen volunteers to get hands on at the sanctuary!

Come for the day or make a weekend of it; A campsite is available for self contained RV'S, or stay in our quirky volunteer caravan.

What to expect?

Lots of pigs, lots of fun and plenty to get done!

While volunteer duties vary depending on what needs doing and individual strengths, typical duties include:

Assisting with food, water and straw rounds, paddock maintenance, routine pig healthcare, and most importantly, keeping the pigs company! Often the most urgent task is giving belly rubs when they are needed.

We are also looking for volunteers across NSW & south east QLD to assist with external activities such as market stalls & fundraising events, collecting 10c bottles and cans, and helping with transport/rehoming of pigs.

To express interest in volunteering, contact Kathie:

Ph: 0401574572 or email: contentedpiginn@yahoo.com

A volunteering testimonial

"Volunteering at Contented Pig Inn Turned out to be a delightful blend of heartwarming moments and unexpected humor. The sanctuary led by an incredible vegan woman, showcased a genuine passion for the well-being of our oinking friends. Amidst the playful grunts and mud-loving antics of the pigs, one feathered resident stole the spotlight -George. This charismatic bird not only spoke and barked, but also fancied himself a bit of a sparring partner with me.

In the midst of our comical battles, George's quirky antics highlighted the unique personalities of the animals at the sanctuary. The owners dedication to creating a haven for these intelligent beings became even more evident.

The experience not only deepened my understanding of the value of pig companionship but also ignited a commitment to advocate for their welfare. The realization that pigs, often underestimated. deserve more love and attention in our world make the volunteering experience at Contented Pig Inn both meaningful and memorable. "

Would you like to share your experience as a volunteer? We would love to hear from you!

Get in touch with Kathie via email or social media with any words or photos from your time at the sanctuary. We will publish them here in our volunteer gallery for past, present & future volunteers to enjoy.


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